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The Climate Change Action Kit

Shifting Tides: Indigenous Responses to Global Climate Change was conceived to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change on Indigenous communities in Canada and in the South Pacific. Indigenous communities are particularly vulnerable to the social and economic impacts of climate change due to the nature of their subsistence-based economies and colonial histories.

The Shifting Tides Delegation in front of the Parliamentary Press Gallery, Ottawa, Canada. From left to right Stephanie Peter (and Olivia), Mona Belleau, The Honourable Jean Crowder MP, Shaunna Morgan, Te Pa Mataiopo (Imogen Ingram) Apai Mataiopo (Tekeu Framheim), Dr. Larry Grant.

Shifting Tides provides a forum for Indigenous peoples to share their stories and call fellow Canadians to take action on climate change. In November 2007, an international delegation of Canadian Aboriginal and Cook Islands Maori Elders, Youth, and Scientists took part in a month-long tour that involved visits to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands and various cities in Canada, including Victoria, The Cowichan Valley, and Vancouver, BC; Winnipeg, MB; Ottawa, ON; and Iqaluit, NUN. During the tour, the delegation had opportunities to meet with several Indigenous communities. From these dialogues arose the clear recommendation that Canadians need to take decisive action on climate change now. This web-based climate action kit provides tools and resources for the average-Canadian to start making changes now.


Shifting Tides is an initiative of Pacific Peoples' Partnership delivered in collaboration with the Kouto Nui council of traditional leaders in the Cook islands with sponsorship from the Canadian International Development Agency and additional financial support from the International Development Research Centre, the Mountain Equipment Co-op, BC Hydro, Canadian North, The British Columbia Council for International Cooperation, the United Church of Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada. We would also like to acknowledge the generous in-kind support of the Cowichan Tribes, the Kouto Nui as well the communities who generously hosted the Shifting Tides delegation during the public consultation portion of the project.


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